Sustainability Expert Richard Kooloos

On Wednesday October 13th 2021 Sustainable MBA in One Day will take place at Circl in Amsterdam. The program of Sustainable MBA in One Day has been carefully put together to present the participants in a very short time with the most relevant theories and practical experiences within the sustainability world. Participants will be prepared to use their gained knowledge in their own daily practice. Let’s introduce one of the sustainability experts that will give a presentation during Sustainable MBA in One Day: Richard Kooloos.

Richard Kooloos is Director Group Sustainability at ABN AMRO Bank. Richard will share his knowledge and vision about ‘Changing the rules of the game of the economy‘.

By changing the rules of the game, you also change the aim of the game. If monopoly is no longer about who gets the richest but who has the most impact, you have a completely different game. The rules of the game in the financial world are changing drastically. Sustainability is becoming an integral part of money matters. When the rules of the game of money change, it changes the world for businesses and consumers. These new rules are of course mainly written in Brussels (EU) and Frankfurt (ECB), but as a commercial bank you also have an important role in creating, interpreting, executing and reporting on these new rules. The impact on customers, employees, investors and society is enormous. The question is whether everything is moving fast enough to make the transition to a sustainable economy in time.

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